Wednesday, June 18, 2008

MiT book, lovely and amazing

It's probably impossible to see, but the scrabble tiles spell out 3 words, 'lovely', 'and', & 'amazing,' words that I'd use to describe my Rock Star senior.

When folded up, it should read 'lovely and' recto and 'amazing' verso. I hope.

Unlike the other pages, I decided to not have the front and back sides overlap. That would make the words too hard to read. With the other pages the designs showing through to the other side worked for the design. In this case, it wouldn't, which is why there's the big blank space in the middle there.

Also started working on the texts for the pages that would just have text — the opening, the colophon, and perhaps some of the interior pages too. I can't believe it's practically the end of June and I still don't have her book finished.

Put up the announcement for the Lake Oswego Festival of the Arts. It seems like they must've used a Portland Open Studios tour guide to pick their artists! There are so many participating.

I'm slowly making some progress in the yard. I've been getting out there after dinner almost everyday. I can work for a little over an hour before it gets dark, and it's a bit too early in the year for bugs yet. It's a perfect time to get some gardening done. I can't over do it, and I don't need to put on sunscreen. It's perfect.


Michael5000 said...

"lovely" is pretty good, 12 points....

but "amazing" is worth 19, plus 50 for the bingo!

Bridget B. said...

I'm delighted by the scrabble pattern! And by the opportunity to get out in my yard some this weekend - I actually bought some plants! I may weed! It might be a miracle . . .