Sunday, June 15, 2008

I left my heart... San Francisco. Only sort of.

I'm back from a week-long trip to Old Gold Mountain. Although really only 5 days in the city, with 1 day there and 1 day back. And that was five days of museums and galleries, and nothing else. And I only hit the galleries downtown, none in the other neighborhoods.

So let's see, here's the list — SFMoMA (the Frida Kahlo show opened the day I left), de Young (the Chihuly show opened the day I left), the Asian Art Museum (the big Power & Glory of the Ming exhibit won't open until June 27). So I've missed all the big summer blockbusters! None the less, the exhibits were all wonderful. Now that I'm looking at the Asian Art Museum's web site again, I see an exhibit in October that I'd love to see — Afghanistan: Hidden Treasures from the National Museum, Kabul.

Of the galleries, I probably hit 35 or more of them. Just in the downtown area. Some of these buildings house 5 floors of galleries, with 3-5 galleries per floor. I was pretty organized — I got a gallery guide, visited their web sites and chose the ones I wanted to see. But I would get there and discover that, right in the same building, there are 12 other galleries. Well, heck, I might as well see those too. And there were quite a few that were not in the guide that I was happy to have visited. I ended up buying a print; and there's another one that I'm still thinking about. Both are pigment inkjet reproductions, so not original prints.

There are lots more that I could write about, but now that I'm back, I'm caught up in the everyday things again. There's yard work to do, housework, and yikes, an appt with the personal trainer tomorrow (and of course, I've done nothing for the last 10 days). Besides my studio work, that is. After our very wet May and June (so far), the weeds have completely taken over. I wish I can blame that on my week long absence, but it was already very bad before I left.


gl. said...

sounds fun! i never thought about that w/ chihully before. *shudder* did you go just for a vacation or for something else?

fingerstothebone said...

Just went for a vacation. Hadn't spent time there in years. I've driven through it a couple of times in recent years, but it was probably the late 80's or early 90's when I last spent much time there at all. It doesn't feel like a long time ago, but when I think almost 20 years, it was a long time!