Friday, June 27, 2008

MiT, 4th senior day 5

Again, we had a productive session and she made 4 prints. At first, we wrapped up after 3 prints (all photographs), but as I was packing up, I found the one copy I made from her mahjongg tiles; I made that copy during our first session but we never printed it. I had been carrying it around ever since, hoping that we'd get to print it. But each time, there were so many other things to choose from that we never printed the tile image.

Anyhow, I suggested that we print that today, and it was a big hit! It was the only print senior #4 and her daughter had made that had multiple colors all on the same screen, and they loved it.

I finally finished trimming all the paper for my Rock Star senior's book. Now I need to print and fold, and sew next week!

The Incubation!

Mama bird sat in her nest all day (except for when anyone went in and out of the house). And tonight, when I came back from my walk at 9:30pm, I noticed that she stayed put and didn't fly off. Not sure if she was sound asleep, or if she had decided that we weren't a threat. Probably the former.

The Bugs!

They hatched! I found this image that most resembled what the little bugs looked like. They did look like little beetles.

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