Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Ack! Oil spots!

I noticed today that, despite having washed and washed and cleaned the used gocco screens, and cleaned again with windex before I sandwiched them in between the plexi, some of the screens are forming oil spots! Argh.

So I've washed the remaining screens again, and here they are, drying in the bathtub...so pretty:

Of the ones already installed in the room divider, I'll let them be until after I bring the room dividers home and clean them again then.

Otherwise, the day was action packed. Had back to back interviews about the Relay Replay exhibit in the afternoon; then after dinner, went over to Laura's to pick out the pieces for Intersect/Parallel.

I hope I'm not getting sick; all evening, I've had stomach cramps, the kind you get when you're really hungry. Except this started after I had a rather satisfying dinner. And now I'm feeling kind of sick to my stomach too. Yuck.


gl. said...

*turns around in slo-mo horror* oooooohhhhhh, noooooooo.....! i hope you're not sick today. i had that last week and it was awful. if you are sick, i'm hoping you recover swiftly!

fingerstothebone said...

I seem to have recovered after 24 hours. I had a lot of trouble that first night but noticed that I felt so much better if I put some heat on my belly. So I put a heating pad on my stomach and got some sleep. Woke up the next morning feeling much better, and by that evening, I was back to normal.