Sunday, November 16, 2008

Relay/Replay, part I installed, part II...feverishly trying to finish

I actually have photos from the show installed at the John Wilson Special Collections today, but blogger is being a butt and won't upload them very quickly. And I just haven't got all night, you know! So maybe tomorrow.

Anyhow, Friday—installed the show. Saturday—labels went in, plus I saw the fine press show at Collins Gallery, and the Shiva Ahmadi show at PNCA (another person was showing too, but I went for Shiva Ahmadi's work). Today—oiled and buffed one of the room divider screens, I should be able to do the other tomorrow.

And also on Saturday night, saw Fidelio...can't say that it's going to be one of my favorite operas, but must mention that the lovely gl from the scarlet letters was a 'townsfolk' in the production! (And I didn't make any faces at you!)

And I just realized today that I'm on a collision course as far as installation goes. On Nov 30/Dec 1, I'm supposed to be installing 3 different shows!

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