Wednesday, November 19, 2008


OK, this exhibit, Intersect/Parallel, must feel like the little orphan, I've hardly talked about it at all, having spent all my time working on Relay/Replay. (Hmmm, do I have a thing for 2 word composite exhibition titles?)

But, I picked up the postcards today:

I thought they did a nice job with the design. This is a show I put together last year and proposed to the G&V Walters Cultural Arts Center, and was accepted. It's the five of us, all engineers by training but also work as artist. There's a photographer, a sculptor, 1 painter, 1 book artist, and 1 painter/book artist (that'd be me). We hang the show on Dec 1. I would've liked it if it was earlier in the fall so I don't have the collision with the 2 exhibits in December, but well, this is what always happens I suppose.

If this exhibit goes well, I'm thinking that we can do an open call for Intersect/Parallel II for next year!

And here are the screens for Relay/Replay. On the left side, I've oiled and buffed it with Danish oil; on the right, it's just the plain unfinished cherry.

Here you can see the size of the thing a little better, but it really feels much bigger in real life than what it looks like here. They'll get heavier too, way heavier, once I put all the images in the holes. The images will be sandwiched between sheets of plexi.


Michael5000 said...

The I/P postcards do look sharp!

The R/R screen is the world's biggest book!

gl. said...

congrats on making progress.good thing the weather has been so great! after today it should get better, too.

fingerstothebone said...

M5K -- I think officially the world's biggest book is that book about Bhutan ( Although at a Portland Opera production of the Merchant of Venice years ago, there was a book that was built and used a a stage prop, and I'm sure it was bigger than 5'x7'. I think the Bhutan book is an accordion though, so I suppose technically it opens up to much wider than 7'.