Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Introducing...Packrat Tuesdays!

The Pearl has First Thursdays; SE Art District has First Fridays; Multnomah Village has Last Fridays; Dr. Russ has Paper Fridays. And then there's Michael5000, who got Quizzes Mondays and Thursdays AND Classical Music Wednesdays. I think he's got something going on Tuesdays too, but lets ignore that for a second.

Anyhow, before all the days of the week are all taken, I'm staking my claim on Pack Rat Tuesdays.

Objet d'rat #1:

A jar full of fortune cookie fortunes.

I actually used quite a few of these fortunes for an edition of gocco printed greeting cards. It was a 3 color gocco print of a drawing of fortune cookies, with a fortune attached. It was one of my best selling cards, and I always intended to print more; but, the screen was accidentally destroyed.

So, what are Pack Rat Tuesdays?

Well, originally, this was going to be Tchotzke Tuesdays, but objet d'tchotzke didn't sound quite right, so Pack Rat Tuesday it is. And on these Tuesdays, I shall introduce priceless items that evidently have accumulated in my studio. Some of these took years to gather, like the fortune cookie fortunes, for example; others were acquired simply because I had the good fortune to be at the right place at the right time.

And I always think, "oh hey, yeah, of course I'll be able to make something with THIS!"


Dr. Russ said...

You may certainly have Tuesdays. I am glad that you will brighten up one of the most useless days of the week.

Monday--first day of the week. You start off fresh on all of the new projects of the week.

Wednesday (hump day)--you are officially half way done with the week. You can gauge how successful you have been.

Thursday(almost there day)--you have the sights on the weekend. For some (like in academia) it begins the weekend.

Friday (yoo-hoo)--you have made it to the weekend. Thinking about all of the cool stuff you are going to do.

Saturday and Sunday--chillaxing.

So you see-Tuesday is the only day that needs brightening up. Now, I have a reason to live for Tuesdays.

Best wishes--russ

margaret said...

you're not saving all those broken needles are you?

gl. said...

oh, i am very much going to like this series! :D

fingerstothebone said...

dr russ -- glad that I've made Tuesdays worth getting up for!

margaret -- haha, I should! Actually, I am kind of saving them, if only temporarily. I toss them in the biohazard sharps container, and it takes me a couple of years to fill one of those up; so yes, I'm saving them for a couple of years.

gl -- I think Scarlet Star Studio might have some pretty good Pack Rat Tuesday fodder too.

Michael5000 said...

I don't want to impose my personal neuroses on you, but to my way of thinking, if it's going to be Packrat TUESDAYs you need to post it Monday night. Especially with a night owl like you. You didn't post this one until it was already Wednesday!

Respectfully submitted,

Anonymous said...

Um, I have about 700 clear plastic tops from Vitamin Water bottles that I was SURE I would make something with. They're just so cool -- great shape and weight.

Maybe there should be a Packratter's (Ratpacker's?) Lending Library so these items could get used somehow...

CheleFromBainbridge, aka anon

fingerstothebone said...

M5K -- I tried and tried to think of something clever in response, but I just couldn't. So I guess I'll have to start posting Pack Rat Tuesdays on Monday nights so that Dr. Russ would truly have something to get up for on Tuesday mornings.

CheleFromBainbridge -- 700!!!??? I thought I was bad, now that's REALLY bad. You should definitely check out the Manufactured show, you'll get inspired to do something really awesome with those.