Sunday, November 09, 2008

Losing a favorite possession

Well, didn't get much done with the book today, although I did get everything trimmed down. Instead, most of the afternoon was spent looking for a favorite pendent of mine.

It's a little Persian miniature painted on mother of pearl that my American dad brought back for me from Iran back before the Shah was ousted. I had taken it off its normal beaded chain to wear with a simpler chain, two years ago, as part of my My Name Is Red costume for the IPRC Text Ball. And tonight was again the annual event, and I suddenly realized that I have no idea where the pendent is any more. It's normal beaded chain (the one I took the pendent off from) is exactly where it's supposed to be, but I spent the afternoon looking everywhere and didn't find the pendent. Although I'm sure I brought it home that night (don't remember any panic attacks then), I have no recollection of seeing it or doing anything with it again after that.

I know, I know, everyone's saying once I stop looking, it will turn up. But what I'm afraid of is that it fell on the floor and got sucked up by the vacuum, a long time ago.


Michael5000 said...

) :

gl. said...

ack! :( i hope you find it!