Thursday, November 06, 2008

MiT I really finished with printing?

I've sewn up a proof copy of Sheila:

I see that I'll need to do a modified version of this binding so that the corners are a little better protected; I'll also need to use a thicker 'gauge' thread, if that's the term for threads. I'll also dye the thread to match the title color.

Here's the first print (that's a chunk of wax holding down the pages):

And the page where the text changes from the Drizzle alphabet to Savoye LET, which I chose because it's easy to read, fairly simple so it doesn't compete with anything else, and the slight lean to the right helps to 'speed up' the reading. The text was printed in the wrong location on this copy; the rest of them were fine.

And one of the later prints:

I think I'll need one more blank page after the last print and before the colophon. I'm waffling on whether I need some kind of a border around the prints or not. I like the photograph of her in the studio without the border, but the others seem to be floating somewhat. While I think that works for Black Snow, I'm not sure that it works for all of them...for example, I don't know that it works for Sunshine.

So, maybe I'm not finished with printing after all?

15 minutes later...

Yeah, I guess I'll need to print a border. Here are some mockups, using a rough border and the color's not quite right. I'd probably create the actual border by drizzling as well:

But of course I'm going to sleep on it.

Yet another 15 mintues later...

I don't know, having stared at them for another 15 minutes, now I'm thinking no border...


Dr. Russ said...

I am verklempt as well. I do have to say that I like the color contrast that a border provides. The pictures are so close in color to the page color (with the exception of the dark print of her in the studio). Are you using matts or printing on the page?

BTW, thread comes in thicknesses.

margaret said...

I vote for the border. It makes the prints pop on the page. Beautiful work; I can't wait to see it in person.

Michael5000 said...

M5K sez: border!

I'm always amazed when I see your books start to come together.