Monday, November 24, 2008

Find the mistake in this picture

So do you see the problem?

This was the picture I showed for my Hey hey hey! Yay yay yay! entry, and the books in the front stack were the ones I delivered to Sheila and her son today.

As I proudly unwrapped the books and was showing them off, I suddenly saw that I made a mistake! And holy cow, the next book had the same mistake, although at a different location.

It's the binding...see it now?

Anyhow, Sheila and Bill decided they didn't want them rebound, so the edition will just be a 'varied edition.' I need to go check to see if there are more of these in the other pile...


Anonymous said...

Oh boy. It's always something, and it's always AFTER you show it to somebody important. (I'm an editor, and I approved this message...)

Will this affect the strength of the binding at all?

I have to tell you how inspirational your working photos have been. The idea that you break the job up into chunks and take on one chunk at a time--and eventually it all gets done.


fingerstothebone said...

Chele -- I don't think it will affect the strength of the binding. it's a fairly lightweight book to start out with, just 16 pages, using Nepal Light (which is very light). And the corners are reinforced with the extra stitches, which is how I think I missed the loop to start out with, the 2 are so close. The other book with a mistake is the same situation -- I missed the last loop right next to the corner, but at the top instead of the bottom.