Wednesday, November 05, 2008

MiT book, finished printing Sheila's book! Yay!

And you know what that means! I'm finished printing for my RACC project! There's still plenty to do—binding 20 copies of this book and finishing the two room divider screens, but I'm happy for this milestone.

So here are 2 pages of the book. These are not going to face each other, I just randomly grabbed 2 pages. The spine edge (in the middle) will get trimmed down so the book will be not quite as wide as this. And since it will be a Japanese stab binding, it will loose another inch or so from each side along the spine edge. So the text and graphics will not be so far apart as you see here. The little graphic on the right is the pressmark for her Imprimery Graphics Studio, which I reproduced using a not very good picture I took with my cellphone.

And after much talking about, here are a couple of pictures of the pine shelves I put into the closet. Much more vertical storage space. Unfortunately, the legs of the shelves make them not quite big enough to store all the pillow books in there, so I'll have to figure something else out. Right now, I still have 2 of the pillows stored on the bed...but where else would pillows go anyhow? The pillow books will be out at the G&V Art Center for a couple of months Dec/Jan, so I'll take the opportunity then to get rid of the bed.

There's still some empty space on the shelves because I'm not quite finished cleaning/reorganizing yet. I'm doing that in between printing, while things dry. The shelves will be stuffed full before I'm finished.

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