Saturday, January 17, 2009

Getting on with the Cedar Crest show

Friday, we all had our masks done and the videographer came capture our Food Confessions, but of course. So I made my Food Confession, a true confession, I'll have you know. Never before told to anyone else! And now captured on digital video for all posterity, and soon to be made public.

And my rat is now sporting a manly stud in the ear.

And today, I finally started to prep the cards for the game board. I'm using BFK, probably 2 layers laminated together, 1 side painted and the other side gocco'ed. I've gesso'ed and sanded the side to be painted. Tomorrow, the base coat and gocco the other side.

I'm quickly running out of time in January to finish my commitments. I probably shouldn't have taken on the studio remodeling this month, but 70% off was very hard to resist. I have yet to start on my piece that I'll be trading with Artist X come Feb 1. And all the while we're getting ready to start the application process for Portland Open Studios, so lots of work there to be done too.

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