Friday, January 09, 2009

Two more days of appointments

Lets see, yesterday was my appointment to see the rare books buyer at Powell's Books (yes, they have one, and not only that, they buy artist's books in addition to antiquarian books). Due to the current economic situation (and we all know about that!), he has to get approval for everything over $100, but he bought everything that was under $100! And wrote me a check right then and there! That was pretty amazing. I should hear in a few days whether he got approval for the rest or not. So I was happy with that.

Since I've been SO good about doing my marketing—sending stuff out to dealers and making an attempt to sell work—I had to spend the afternoon keeping up with the documentation end of things.

Then today, met with my critique group to cut out our masks (mine is a rat, but of course). This is part of the installation going to Cedar Crest College.

Then, drum roll please...the guy that's going to knock out the wall between my studio and studio annex came this afternoon!

I should have an estimate in a few days, and then it shall get exciting!

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gl. said...

shu-ju, that's fantastic news! you're in the rare book room at powell's! *swoon*