Saturday, January 31, 2009


After taking down the show at Hillsboro on Thursday, I stopped by at Laurie's to pick up what is essentially my last-time-buy of gocco supplies. I can still get the large screens as time goes buy, since there isn't so much demand for it, but as far as inks and the small screens go, I think I've bought all that I can.

On the bright side, I won't be spending so money on gocco supplies any more...

I do still have plenty to last me a while though, and I can still teach a few classes. Speaking of which, today was my first gocco class held in my newly expanded studio space. It is nice to be able to teach in the studio and not have to haul everything upstairs into the living room. This was the 2 session papermaking+gocco-printing workshop I co-taught with Helen. We still need to get together and evaluate how it went and what the results look like. Some of the inclusions (especially the plant ones) were coming up, sticking to the screen, so we'll have to nix that for future projects. Unfortunately, there was enough going on that I couldn't look at everyone's results very carefully. Hopefully, I can catch up with folks over email.

Teaching always takes a lot out of me. Probably because it's such intense/continuous people interactions for 3 hours straight, and it's really a bit too long for me to go without eating. After that, it just seems to take me a long while to recover.

On other fronts—haven't made further progress on the game board, but we embroidered the napkins (which are the labels to our place settings). There's been lots of little things for Portland Open Studios that have taken up some time, too. And I still haven't even done the board meeting minutes...better do that soon.

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gl. said...

*sob* so long, and thanks for all the fish... still it sounds like a good way to go out. :)