Thursday, January 15, 2009

Some most excellent & crazy daze

OK, the wall is finished. I'd go and take a picture, except that would disturb the kitty on my lap, and we wouldn't want that!

The floor guy was here today to measure. I hope to hear from Lowe's tomorrow regarding availability of the flooring I want.

But most of the excitement today & yesterday was actually generated from the class that Helen Hiebert and I decided to do together. We're doing a 2 session class, session 1: make paper with Helen, and session 2: gocco print with me on the handmade paper.

Well, the class must've really hit a spot, because we filled up the class in 24 hours. Plus I had so many email inquires about the class. I think we'll have to get it on our schedule and do it on a regular basis.

And Alicia Bailey of Abecedarian Gallery has been hard at work selling my books left and right, cats and dogs! She's sold a copy each of all the Relay Replay books, and today sold 2 smaller books.

On the down side—heard from Powell's that they're going to hold out on the other books. But I'm hopeful that they'll eventually want to pick them up when the economy is better. I'll just have to remember to stay connected.

But hey, so far, this marketing stuff has been going REALLY well, so my whatever-hormone-it-is (you know, the stuff that makes you feel good, I guess) is getting rather a lot of stimulation! Hopefully, that all works its magic in its own way and makes me keep at it!

On other fronts, the Cedar Crest show has been getting the short end of my time lately, but I (almost) finished my mask today. I'm just missing some whiskers:

But, of course, I'd be a rat!


Michael5000 said...

We had been wondering whether you were a rat or a bat. Perhaps a batty rat?

gl. said...

thaaaaat's a facebook profile picture if ever i saw one. too bad about powell's, but maybe they'll reconsider when they hear how fast they're selling in other venues! :)

fingerstothebone said...

M5K -- or a ratty bat? But no, there was never any doubt, my food soul was and always will be the rat!

gl -- done. That became my facebook picture a couple of days ago, you obviously haven't been looking very carefully now, have you?

gl. said...

guilty. i've had to ignore facebook this week.