Saturday, January 03, 2009

Some of us are a little slow

This morning, I came out of the bedroom and looked out the dining room window and thought, "gosh, I never noticed before how the neighbor's driveway looked so bright white in the morning light."

I took another few steps and thought, "wow gosh, even the street looks bright white in this light..."

Then it dawned on me, It Snowed Again! And we had a couple of inches. Just in time for our critique group meeting, again! But we forged on and met for a few hours. Got/gave feed back for each other's individual place settings, got some good feedback on my game (although I have to admit, when I got home, I was "uh oh, what did everyone say again?") Anyhow, hopefully, we'll have a chance to play the game before I finalize everything.

We also came to some consensus on the masks; and I wrote the first draft for the show statement.

On other fronts—I went ahead and uploaded the class description (the paper-making + print gocco class that Helen and I are teaching) to my web site already, under the Classes page.

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