Wednesday, January 21, 2009


That's the title for the game, by way of Helen. I couldn't come up with anything myself, but when she said Superfoodland, I knew that was it! It says what it's about, but in a la-la land kind of a way.

We made good progress today on For the Love of Food. And I have another early morning tomorrow—I'm heading out to The Dalles to visit the Oregon Veterans Home to see about doing a Relay Replay project there.

Whatever happened to the idea that artists sit around drinking and smoking until 3am and then sleep until 1pm? For weeks and weeks now (months), I've had meetings at 8:30am more often then not, sometimes for days in a row too. Pretty soon, I'll have to declare myself a morning person.

Heard from Vamp & Tramp tonight—they sold a set of the Relay Replay books. Yay! They're going really quickly.

I have the floor installer scheduled for Feb 3. Originally, they wanted to do it this Friday (turns out, the Pergo just needs to acclimate for 48 hours), but with so many different things going on, I just couldn't lose a day to the studio being in chaos, not to mention I'll have to move all the furniture before and after. So Feb it is.


Michael5000 said...

It's a great name. Very zippy!

gl. said...

only if superfoodland! always has an exclamation mark after it.