Sunday, January 25, 2009

Superfoodland! Take 1

First thing first...Happy Chinese New Year of the Ox!

OK, it took me most of Friday to put 4 coats of gesso on the board, letting it dry between each coat, and then sanding it down. Of course, I'm doing other things in between, various Portland Open Studios related stuff (insurance, board stuff).

Then sadly, due to the dwindling gocco supplies, Saturday was the last Advanced Gocco class at IPRC. Between walking to the transit center, bussing in, teaching, and then doing the reverse commute, I was on my feet for about 7 and half hours. I was pretty pooped by the time I got home. And that was pretty much all that I managed on Saturday.

But today! Hah! Got a lot accomplished. Packed up boxes of books to go to Abecedarian and Vamp & Tramp, and actually managed to get started painting Superfoodland! (Yes, the '!' is now part of the title, per Gretchin's insistence upon it...)

Here it is with 3 coats of ocher on it, and I've penciled in the 'paths' and different locations where different things happen. It's a bit simplified from when I first wrote up the rules (feedback I got from the group was that it was too complicated). Here it is set up with the utensils:

And here's a detail with the penciled in paths:

It's hard to see in these pictures, but that's ok...the finished thing will look nothing like this anyhow. Probably most of the ocher won't show after I'm finished, except for a very thin line along the sides, which you can't see because I've taped it up in these photos.

The blueberry chips will go into a 'bowl' in the middle. I haven't figured out the construction of the bowl yet. Each gamer's won blueberry chips will go into smaller bowls along the sides. Again, don't know how I'll make those yet.

As I was looking at my calendar for the next couple of weeks, I noticed that it said 'installation' on Feb 3. Panic! I had no idea what show I was installing on that day! My brain raced, and for a few seconds, I really panicked. Then I remembered—the floor was being installed that day...


Michael5000 said...

I think the exclamation point is right and good. Well done, Gretchin.

gl. said...

i'm thinking possibly superfood!land now. but that might be too much. ;)

fingerstothebone said...

Exclamation point is last and that's final. We've already embroidered the napkins (which are the labels to each place setting), and the title is black thread on (off)white napkin.