Thursday, January 22, 2009

Road trip to The Dalles

Today was the big day when Ruth and I pitched the Relay Replay books idea to the Oregon Veterans Home out at The Dalles. This had not occurred to me before, but since the government is involved, there's this bureaucracy that we have to deal with. But I think in general the administrators we met with liked the idea, it's just getting it through the hoops.

Going out there is a whole day—2 hours drive each way, a meeting with the administrators, a tour of the place, and a meet/greet/visit with Ruth's husband who's living there, and who is the impetus for the project. By the time we had a late lunch and drove back, it was 5pm.

I had this grandiose idea that I would gesso the boards for both Superfoodland and also the piece I'm trading with Artist X after I got back, that way they'd be ready to sand tomorrow. But I've just been sitting around comatose for most of the evening. And now I'm just ready for bed...

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