Wednesday, January 07, 2009

What a crazy week

This is turning out to be the crazy week of appointments.

Yesterday, met with Ruth who wants me to work with her husband to do a Relay Replay project. We had a great chat, and I hope this will happen. More to come on this project if things do start to happen.

From there, it was to meet Artist X to finalize how we're going to do our painting collaboration. This is something we started talking about last June but put off because of Relay Replay. It also took us a while to nail down a format since she works in oil and I work in gouache, and oil and water don't mix. But I think we have a workable format, at least to get us started. First piece, due on Feb 1! Yikes, that's really tight, considering how many other deadlines I already have for Feb 1. But I'm determined to make it.

The afternoon was spent at the library, doing my volunteer gig. I find that such a nice break from work, or talking about work.

Today, met with Katy to talk about updating her website. Met with Lane to help her work through a project she wants to do. Then it was to deliver the Relay Replay books out to Hillsboro. The Cultural Arts Center is letting me add the Relay Replay books to the Intersect/Parallel show midway through the show. When I got there, I learned that several people have already been there to see the Relay Replay books, but I was told that they were happy to see what was there even though they didn't see the RR books.

And believe it or not, that pretty much took the whole day. I did manage to catch up on some emails on the critique group collaboration.

Tomorrow, just 1 appointment, but an important one. I still need to pack up the books for it. Friday, 3 more appointments. Saturday, a full-day seminar. I haven't worked on my game piece at all...and the week is more or less gone.

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