Sunday, January 14, 2007

ATC for Portland Open Studios

I left it to the very last minute, of course. I completely forgot that I'd said I'd make an artist trading card for Portland Open Studios thank you notes, and they're due tomorrow. So I did that this afternoon. I used trimmings from a painting (the moth) and a rejected screenprint (the gold swirlies) collaged on the back of a playing card.

Worked on the Constant Snacking piece a bit more; two more days of drying then I can gesso and paint. Stared at the magnolia drawing some more and I think I know how I'll trim it.

It's Sunday night again, a review of the to-do list from last Sunday --

1) Deal with insurance for skylights. (Done, although I've yet to receive the difference.)
2) Finish magnolia drawing. (On going, I did make progress.)
3) And most importantly, start laying out and mocking up the shadows book. (Got started, but I also got distracted by Constant Snacking.)

This week's calendar does not look quite as full --

1) Oil change, oil change, oil change!
2) Finish the Constant Snacking piece (slides/CD due on Jan 25th).
3) Try gocco'ing the gel medium on the plexi.
4) I have to get a pretty good idea of how the shadow book will look, at least know how many pages, as I'd need to order the paper if I don't have enough on hand.

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