Monday, January 22, 2007

Work stoppage

Absolutely nothing was accomplished today. Read the papers, went out to meet Mike for dinner, did some chores, went to see A Night at the Museum (ho-hum), and started watching The Emperor's Shadow (the same story that the opera The First Emperor is based on), which Sarah loaned me. Since this is Sunday (again!), a review of the to-do list from last Sunday:

1) Oil change, oil change, oil change! (Made the appt, but it won't happen for another week or so.)
2) Finish the Constant Snacking piece (I'm close, but not quite there, probably by Monday.)
3) Try gocco'ing the gel medium on the plexi. (Oops, completely forgot about this one.)
4) I have to get a pretty good idea of how the shadow book will look... (I think I'm about half way there.)

I'm afraid I have to say this week's to-do list looks a lot like last week's to-do list.

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