Thursday, January 11, 2007

Studio visit day

Visited Sarah and Diane's studio to pick out work for the March show. I definitely have a favorite piece for putting in the window so I hope Roberta and Barbara will agree. Got home in the middle of the afternoon and tried to go out for a walk, but it was cold and the roads were slick. I came back after 15 minutes and took a nap instead! Really, the walk was no competition.

Played with some ideas for the Constant Snacking piece:

Those are test strips and lancets for the blood sugar meter. I save them. Why do you ask? The blue things are unused lancets. Used lancets go into the hazardous materials container and I can't get them out again.

From left to right -- a hand built from test strips (I'm thinking a hand reaching for a cookie on a white plate), a clock built with a dinner plate (I actually do need a clock anyhow) and test strips, and just something geometric. The geometric one looks pretty boring. I'm liking the hand reaching for a cookie idea, I'll have to figure out how to make a cookie with femo or something. The clock would be very practical. Or maybe the cookie can be a drawing, with the hand built up a little bit with the molding paste, and it would be on paper rather than a plate.

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