Tuesday, January 30, 2007

What's going on? ?? ???

Get up. Feel fine. Eat. Feel bad. Go to the library anyhow. Librarian sent me home because I looked like I was '...about to fall over.' Come home. Eat again. Sleep again. Wake up again. Feel fine again. Pick up my pieces from Rake. Come home again. Feel bad again. Almost went back to bed again. But decided I must, must, get some work done.

Started to lay out the pages in Photoshop. Now that always seems to put me in some kind of a trance and it's almost as good as napping! I have the cover, opening page, and the next 2 spreads almost completely done in Photoshop. Which means I only have about 5 spreads to lay out, and probably another 2 to write. Then I'll still have to gocco, do the back side, and actually put the books together. Oy! I only have 2 more weeks. (Actually, 3, since I'm the Exchangeanator, I really have a bit more time, but still.)

Here's the cover page. In real life, the text will be almost invisible. The definition of Calypso will be printed in gel medium, which is clear, and the word Calypso will be printed in white on plexi, over white paper. You will only be able to read it by moving it relative to a light source to create shadows and reflections.

Here's the opening page (little round pans of eye shadows). This will be gocco'ed. And of course, in real life, neither of these pages will look as neat and clean as they do here. There's always that human touch to make it a bit more, eh, 'lively', shall we say?

And I just realized that this last Sunday came and went without the making of a to-do list. I'll blame it on being sick. I will blame it on being sick. I guess I'll skip it for the week.

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