Friday, January 19, 2007

Sometimes Plan B is just better

Inspired by what Shumei said about k. d. lang's song Constant Craving, the hand is now covered in texts that say 'Constant Reaching', 'Constant Desire', 'Constant Snacking', & 'Constant Craving'. The palm is similarly covered. I tried using a few of the test strips right on the finger tips, and also just 1 strip on 1 finger, but in the end, decided I like it like this the best.

The ring is made from the foil wrapper of a Dove Square.

I started to hang the cookies up on the wires from takeout boxes, but I think those are just too short to have much swing, and I really want the movement to make it seem like the hand is reaching. So now I'm trying regular wires. I'll need to get more crimping beads before I can finish hanging and see how it works.

But I'm also really liking how it looks on the drying rack...

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