Saturday, January 06, 2007

Fiddle, bow, and me, together again

Picked up the bow from David Kerr's this afternoon, and proceeded to play for two and half hours straight. I'd thought that after a year long break, I'd be all relaxed and my playing would be better. But nope. The good news was that I'm not any worse either. I decided to tune it GDGD, in the Arabic tradition, rather than GDAE. And other than the first few minutes, I wasn't confused about the fingering, which was surprising; it felt pretty natural, actually. I am going to focus on my original and real goal of playing ME music, and for the time being, not return to my classical lessons (more and more, I'm finding Western classical music pretty boring). Continued reading my German Expressionism book, but otherwise, not much studio time. Dealt with some correspondences for the shows at PAN.

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