Friday, May 18, 2007

27th anniversary

Of Mt. St. Helens blowing up, that is. And the 27th extra year that Mike has had to his life. (He was a news engineer at KING TV in Seattle and had been camped out at Mt. St. Helens with all this TV news equipment for months, with a couple of days off the mountain here and there to reset the overtime clock. Yup, it blew up on his day off. The spot where he camped is now named Johnston Ridge, after the geologist who was camped at the same location and died when the volcano erupted. The visitor center is now at the site. I love that story, the part where he survives Mt. St. Helens, that is.)

Had a few hours in the studio today and worked on both paintings. The one with the legs (tentative title Beauty's Folly) is getting closer, but probably still 3-4 days away from finishing. The 2nd one (tentative title Camouflage) can probably be finished at around the same time. I hope. No pictures today. Tomorrow, I don't know, I might not get very much studio time, same with Sunday. We'll see. I'm adding this photo so I can get a thumbnail on fb...

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gl. said...

i love this story!