Sunday, May 06, 2007

All fixed for now

Fixed the Paintings and Drawings page, and took the opportunity to add the moth paintings from last year (which I never added) and the new pieces from this year as well. I guess I'm going with the new format, not that I really gave it much consideration. I reduced the number of thumbnails/pages by combining a few of them. I think it's better.

Went to the Catherine Michaelis (May Day Press) talk this afternoon at JWSC. She's got a great sense of humor (besides being fabulous to look at) and it's always fun to hear other artists talk about the way they work. Went to the play tonight, the last play of the season. So the day was gone, just like that. Didn't have a chance to prepare for my Thursday talk, which I'll absolutely have to do tomorrow; and that means I won't get my new painting started until Tuesday afternoon, probably.

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