Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Before & after

All the pages are there for Margaret's web site and I started to touch up the photos this afternoon. Here are a couple of before and after comparisons. She had shot the photos using a felt backdrop that had some wrinkles on it. Most of the shots were not too time consuming to fix, but these two took a little more effort.

So on this first one, wrinkles were removed on all 4 sides. These wrinkles weren't too difficult, but there was a reflection of her, the tripod and the camera on the bottom of the framed piece. So I removed that. At least removed enough so that it's not noticeable.

On this one, again, wrinkles on all 4 sides, and the image was pretty washed out. (I know this paper and know it's a much more saturated and darker red). The wrinkle on the lower right corner was hard to retouch out of the picture, so I just replaced the entire section with another section of the felt and merged it in.

You can click on the images to see larger versions of them.

Had to stop working pretty early this afternoon to get into town for a lecture and panel discussion on the state of religion in contemporary Tibet. Didn't get anything done after that. Tomorrow will be another 'workless' day, between weight room, DEQ, and hanging the Phillip Smith exhibit at the library.

Speaking of photo retouching, this was one of my more fun/frivolous projects. DMC, who was my boss at Tek, is CTO at the company Mike's at. He took this image of his plush mouse (yes, he carries around 2 plush mice in his pockets, complete with a variety of costume changes) sitting on top of Mike's bat and the whole things on top of Mike.

He sent the image to me. I found a photo I already had of my rat Kiki and made this composite. Notice the bat's name tag also changed...yes, that's the man who carries around plush mice...

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