Thursday, May 10, 2007

PSU talk, part II

This afternoon was the talk, and without any coordination between the 3 of us, we each presented a different aspect of making an artist book. And also without any coordination, we went in the 'proper' order -- I went first, and I talked about the experiences that were the inspirations behind Fatherland (my entry in the exhibit); Sue Allen went 2nd, and she talked about the technical aspects of making her work; then Sue Collard was 3rd, and she gave a grand tour of her book work. So we had inspiration, the making of, and the finished work, in that order.

Sue A said she likes to go in the middle, and I usually like to go first -- that way nobody in the audience could be thinking 'oh hey, the last presenter was so much better.' I always chose the first slot for oral exams too. Once a professor had to add a slot because the original first slot was taken by someone else.

I must've been more keyed up about this than I realized. After we got home from dinner, I was pretty tired. Originally, I thought I'd paint (or work on Margaret's site), but I ended up catching up on the Sunday Times Magazine.

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