Wednesday, May 16, 2007

A series of small misfortunes

I was attacked by a starling.

The MAX ticket booth swallowed my money.

As if that wasn't enough, my ticket, which would've been good on my return trip, fell into the toilet.

Outside of that, it was not an exciting day. I was gone most of the day. The car did pass DEQ. Helped with putting up the Philip Smith exhibit at the library, but no studio time, and no Margaret web site. And tomorrow, I've got to work on the dress for the group, we're meeting tomorrow evening. Of course I've left it until the last moment.

The Philip Smith books are really quite extraordinary, now that I've seen them. I have to say that the one on the postcard was not one of my favorites, but some of the other books are really quite amazing. He will actually be here (from England) to give a talk on Saturday. I'm very much hoping to get there, but as little studio time as I've had in the last few days, I don' t know.

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