Saturday, May 12, 2007

No Marion Forks for Mother's Day

My mom called and cancelled our lunch tomorrow at Marion Forks, saying she isn't feeling 'too great'. She sounded pretty depressed and I didn't push her on it, especially since I'm planning on going over for a couple of days early June. Although I'm sorry that she cancelled the lunch, I'm glad that 1) she actually REMEMBERED that we were meeting at Marion Forks (I didn't think she would remember), and that 2) I now have Sunday to do a few things that I really need to do. Like doing some yard work, Margaret's web site, and painting.

These two photos were from yesterday. I wanted this image to be like a model going down a catwalk, but I also wanted it to resemble how traditional textiles/clothing are displayed in exhibits. The 'model' is a hybrid of human legs, a moth, and a dandelion. So this is before I scrubbed it.

And here's after. I didn't use very much water this time, which explains why the colors are still so dense. I was afraid the turquoise would not hold up well with too much water, but I think the red really needs thinning. I've worked on this painting a lot more today, but no new pictures.

Then I started a new image this afternoon while I was waiting for the other to dry. I wanted to do one that's purely surface design, so here's how it's starting.

And after I scrubbed it. Again, I didn't use much water.

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