Monday, May 14, 2007

It's getting close

Spent most of the afternoon on Margaret's web site, and most of the pages are there (I think I'm just missing two now). I haven't checked for italics, bolds, and funny characters yet, and also still need to check all the links. Most of the studio shots still need touching up to remove the wrinkles in the felt (she elected to have me electronically remove them rather than reshoot). So maybe another 5, 6 hours.

Did some yardwork, ran some errands, voted. That rounded out the day. Didn't work on the painting. When I was at Costco tonight, I had a strange urge to buy a bottle of wine (which is so unlike me), so I can have a few sips when I get back to the painting, figuring that it might relax me a bit. But I resisted the urge...

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