Friday, July 06, 2007

Always learning...

Margaret asked about hiding her email address, so I had to do some research (that's something I've never worried about, figuring that it's a lost cause). Looks like people do use javascript to dynamically generate their email addresses, or use html encoding, but both seem to me just stop-gap measures. It would be pretty simple to look for the encoded '@' for example, or to look for 'javascript' and find the function that generates the '@', and then go from there. Yes, this would require a more sophisticated parser, but doable.

Several Portland Open Studios artists were having their opening receptions tonight, so I went in for First Thursday. But the show I enjoyed the most was the show at Rake, a painter (Noel Nelson) and a printmaker (Garret Price). And earlier in the afternoon, picked up the remaining pieces from the show in Hillsboro. I was doing fine until I had to drive out to Hillsboro in the heat. By the time I got home, I really needed a cup of coffee. And tomorrow, more driving in 100+ degree weather -- I'm headed over to Bend for just the day, and it's gonna be 104 in Bend!

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