Friday, July 06, 2007

Quick trip to Bend

Spent most of the day in the car today -- driving over to Bend to see my mom (she fell again) and driving home. It's about 3, 3.5 hours drive each way. So a long day in the car. She was bright and cheery when I arrived, but 2 hours later, was pretty tired, so I left. It wasn't quite 5pm yet, so I decided to go check out the galleries in Bend. I don't usually go into town when I visit, so haven't really looked at the galleries there. And since the hospital is not too far from downtown, I decided to go take a quick look. Found mostly Western art -- native Americans, horses, buffaloes, bronzes of majestic animals, paintings of majestic animals. One place with kitschy stuff (and it wasn't very good kitsch either). So most are not a good fit. There was one 2nd floor gallery that showed contemporary art, that was probably the best choice, if I were going to find a place to show there; I'll need to check out what they say on their web site.

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