Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Flowers site

OK, so here's a mock-up of the front page. After Rebecca remotely adjusted the color of the banner text (by tell me) "a little pinker", "a little bluer", "now it's too blue", "now it's too warm"...for the last 3 days. Yes, I've explained over and over again, and she understands, that nobody else will see THAT exact same color on their monitor. And after all that fine tuning, I personally think it's a little flat (no dynamic range). I still prefer this one, which was my color choice for the banner. [Edit -- this link has now changed...moving on to other versions of the mock-ups.]

So another day of answering questions and emails about why things work the way they do, why you don't have absolute control over things on your web site. But we're at least moving forward, and I'm no longer making things "just a little" pinker or bluer. Sigh.

Oops, I'm complaining...

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gl. said...

i hate having that conversation w/ people: "the web doesn't look or act the same to everyone." it's so hard to convince people, especially if they have fast computers, connections and large screens, that anyone else might be having a different experience.