Monday, July 09, 2007

No strawberries, but I have flowers

The neighbor brought over some fava beans from their garden a couple of weeks ago; I was going to return the bowl filled with strawberries. Yes, my mama taught me to never return an empty bowl. But remember that someone stole all my berries? Well, I still don't have any, so the bowl sits on my counter. Then the same neighbor brought over some blueberries yesterday, in another bowl.

Hey, at this rate, all their dishes will be at our house and soon they won't be able to have supper! So this was my solution:

They got this and their empty bowls back. Probably not as good as really good strawberries, but it'll just have to do. Those deep red cabbage roses smell really, really good.

Spent the morning updating Alice's web site with her new work. Then the afternoon was back to figuring out how to hide the email address in the paypal button with javascript. I thought I had it working, and indeed it worked, but just in Safari. In fact, I can get it to work in either Safari or the other browsers (Opera, Explorer, FireFox), but not all of them. And I'm too tired to keep at it tonight.

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