Sunday, July 01, 2007

Who knew earwigs would be THIS popular?

Indeed, who knew! I've had people come here googling for 'earwigs' (ok), 'women squishing earwigs' (rather specific and kind of weird), and 'woman covered in earwigs' (truly yucky visuals). ??

And on another similarly weird topic, this Simon Shaheen CD is now going for $215.21 on Amazon. ??

Speaking of CD's, I finally remembered to pick up my ME music CD's that I loaned to Print Arts Northwest for their April exhibit of Middle Eastern prints. And since I was going in anyhow, spent a bit of time helping them paint the new print racks. (I had to get that in, since it was the only art related activity for the day).

And yet another weird entry:

This was Mike's dinner plate after dinner yesterday; I found it visually interesting. For some reason, I just liked the way the brown sauce wrapped around the elephant. (I take no responsibility for the placemat though.)

The movie last night (which continued on into this morning) was Ratatouille; I hardly need to add my 2 cents and say it was wonderful, but it was. But of course, I'm into rats, and rats in the kitchen don't bother me one bit.

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Sundry said...

This is a truly wonderful photograph. I love it!