Thursday, July 12, 2007

Red letter day!

Found out I sold a framed drawing this weekend! And B, a special collections librarian, emailed me about purchasing a copy of Fatherland (thank you, if you're reading this)! And I uploaded Margaret's web site to its official home!

Then I went out and belly danced the night away.

So here's a link to the violin drawing that sold, it's the charcoal one, I think. (This was all done through the gallery and I don't have the paperwork back.) And here is Fatherland. And here's Margaret's web site.

And here's a picture of the pirate belly dancer at It's a Beautiful Pizza tonight (yes, it's a pizza parlor, and they have belly dancing and live music every Wed night, going on for about 15 years now) --

She came out with a black veil (ok), a sword (ok), and a pirate hat...huh? Then I noticed the eye patches in the audience and ar, ar, ar going off everywhere. OK, I finally got it. The cutest part was when she opened her veil, there were skull and crossbones stenciled on it. You can barely make out that she's wearing pink and black horizontal stripped leggings and gauntlets too.

And Andrew, see someone familiar looking on the very left there? There were four dancers tonight, with open dancing in between.

Met with Rebecca for a working dinner before the belly dancing. I'll be starting on her web site in a few days. So here's a picture of yesterday's 'bill monster' piece. The human figures were stenciled on there during our June meeting from one of Alex's drawings. Kind of looks like a belly dancer, if you ask me.

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