Thursday, July 12, 2007

Another red letter day!

Whoa, I hope I'm not using up all my red letters all at once.

Found out today that my OCAC gocco class is gonna go, and there are 10 people signed up. Yay! Last year's class didn't go (or was that 2 years ago?) and I was pretty disappointed. I've started to prepare; it's about a month away yet, but I've got so many things happening in the next few weeks that I'm starting to get stressed out about it already.

Spent a little time this afternoon helping Jim hang the Copper Canyon Press exhibit at the Collins Gallery. Unfortunately, their reception is the same time as the Maryhill exhibit reception, so I was glad to have seen the broadsides first-hand today. Then the rest of the day was spent helping Rebecca with the pre-web site stuff. She needs help with everything -- deciphering packages from web hosts, answering questions about domain registration, web hosting...lots and lots of questions. I've probably spent 4-5 hours responding to all her questions via email, and my clock hasn't even started! But tomorrow, I'm gonna start charging.

And speaking of web sites, Jim mentioned that Deborah has a new web site and I should check it out. And I did. And wah! It makes me feel very bad. Very, very Bad. It's very well done, very sexy. Nicely done with Flash, very understated. But definitely sexy. I guess I'm gonna have to get the Flash books next.

Bonuses tonight -- when I was out walking, I had a bat sighting! And, a lightning storm started to roll in, although it doesn't feel like we'll get any rain.

I feel amazingly awake considering that I've had slightly over 5 hours of sleep each night for the past 3 nights in a row.


Sundry said...

Bats! I love bats! Hydra and I stood and watched bats flitting around Mont Saint Michel when we were there.

Congrats on the class, etc.

Ooh, that is a nice website...

gl. said...

Congrats on the class, Shu-Ju!

Flash sites are pretty but they 're not very usable. Even photography sites should have some text to copy/paste (like the about, contacts & pricing pages!): you never know when people will want to use it for a variety of reasons (like sending it to their husbands/wives or keeping a file of notes about wedding photographers). And if none of the pix have pages I can link to, then I can't send an email to my friend saying, "Wow, look at this picture!" Or blog about a particular picture. At least the music is off by default. :)

I was thrilled that 23 Sandy puts its catalog online with pages that you can link to particular works. Most places wouldn't put one up at all, or put it up as a giant PDF.

fingerstothebone said...

Yeah, I'm very partial to bats! (Five Bats...can I be any more obvious!) I hope to see the bat spectacle sometime in San Antonio, where they come out from under the bridge, I think.

fingerstothebone said...

gl -- thanks...I feel a little better. And thanks so much for coming to the artist's reception tonight. And I just realized that I forgot to take pictures again!

fingerstothebone said...

And Gretchin -- Mike said all the same things you said about Flash sites, and when I told him you had said the same, he said 'hoory for Gretchin!' And I tell you, he doesn't say 'hooray' for just anybody!

gl. said...

Hooray for Mike! :)

It's also worth mentioning that Google doesn't understand Flash: Google will be able link to the main page, but it can't do deep links and it can't parse any of the text, so it can't index her About page or associate her with any of her keywords, like wedding or portrait photography.