Monday, July 30, 2007

Step 1 cutting paper.

I'm finally getting started with my new prints, and of course I haven't a clue yet what I'll be printing. Step 1 is always trimming the paper. Some people hate this part, but I find it quiet and meditative, and gets me in the mood for making prints. I'm hoping to make a couple of new prints to enter into the Middle East exchange that Print Arts Northwest has set up, and that has a particular paper size specified, which is why I'm cutting paper without knowing what I'll be printing. In either case, I'm hoping to do a lot of experimentation anyhow, so there will be lots of unknowns, even after I start printing.

Worked on Rebecca's web site some more, here's an updated mockup of the graphics.


Michael said...

I'm never sure if I prefer the creative, decision-making part of making things, or the long hours of mindless tedium in-between.

I wouldn't have picked quiltmaking if I was averse to tedium, though.

fingerstothebone said...

Isn't that like asking which one of your children you prefer?

Start of the philosophy minute:

Without the creative part, the tedium would be pointless; but without the tedium, the creative part might become thoughtless -- we all need those times when our bodies do their thing and our minds are free to ponder and be thoughtful.

OK, end of the philosophy minute.

michael5000 said...

That was a pretty good philosophy minute.