Friday, July 13, 2007

A not so great day

Even though some great things did happen today. First, the worst thing -- I found out that a good friend died last night, totally unexpected. And I'm not supposed to talk about it for the time being. I was glad we saw each other several times recently, after not seeing each other for a while.

I tried very hard to not be distracted, as I had several errands to run, a couple of meetings, and the Sense & Sensuality artist's reception in the evening at 23 Sandy. Lots of freeway driving time, and I kept repeating 'be mindful' to myself.

Things got better as the day went on. The reception at 23 Sandy was quite wonderful, lots of people came, including Rick (whom I hadn't seen in months) and was totally not expecting to see him. (But of course, he had to come up to pick up someone at the airport, so I guess he had no excuse to not come.) Got to chat with Mr. & Mrs. 5000 (Mrs. was in the show); and Gretchin came, too.

Also, my jubilation at selling the violin piece was slightly premature. Turns out, they're still thinking it over, but it is hanging in their place while they're thinking it over, so everyone -- keep your fingers crossed!

I also tried a new restaurant today, Pambiche, a Cuban place and it was wonderful. I first met Margaret there in the afternoon right before the reception, and had an early dinner. Then when Rick and sister-i-l showed up, we ended up back there for their dinner an hour later. The wait staff were all "oh, so great to have you back again!" and shaking my hand. I felt like I had gotten past the proverbial velvet rope, or something.


gl. said...

Oh, Shu-Ju! I'm so sorry to hear about your friend.

I'm crossing my fingers about the violin piece. And I also think Pambiche is quite good; they make a great brunch place on the weekends!

fingerstothebone said...

gl -- thank you for always being so supportive!

We should meet for brunch at Pambiche's sometime.