Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Victory! (Again...)

What I needed was a syntax checker -- it's 'forms[]' and not 'form[]', and now my paypal buttons with dynamically generated email addresses are all working.

Onto the next thing -- tonight was the critique group meeting. Once a month comes around more quickly than I think. Last time, I came home with Rachel's stitched together window envelopes -- you know those envelopes for bill paying, that people don't use anymore because they're paying their bills online.

I was originally thinking a peekaboo dress, with the windows in strategic spots. But then I ended up making teeth for their gaping mouths. Here's the sewn/glued together envelops, and there are 2 types of teeth -- rounded and pointed -- that you can see already in place.

Close-ups of a set of teeth.

I took a picture of the finished 'thing', but the camera somehow cut it in half, with the other half being some older photos. I guess I'm just having trouble with technology this week.

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