Monday, July 02, 2007

Oh, heartbreak!

Transformers, the movie I've been looking forward to for months, got trounced in this review in the NYT..."a movie of epically assaultive noise and nonsense." Wah!

On other fronts -- what better way to ease back into serious art making again than to meet another artist...for breakfast! Horatio just got back from a 6 months teaching gig in France and we met for a bagel breakfast this morning. He's getting much more focused on doing public art and in fact just won a pretty stiff competition to do a piece in a new building going up in Seattle. Congrats to Horatio! I also got some good pointers about writing grant applications.

Finally got off my butt and started working on helping Daniel Heyman finding an appropriate space to exhibit his Abu Ghraib work. He was invited to sit in on interviews with some Abu Ghraib prisoners. One trip to Jordan and a 2nd trip to Turkey. He made etchings and watercolors during the interviews, and later at home, produced a couple of artist's books and an installation. I first saw 1 etching at a Blackfish exhibit back in Jan/Feb, and got in touch with him. When we did the book arts show in March at Print Arts Northwest, he sent 2 books for the exhibit. Anyhow, I've been procrastinating in scouting out appropriate locations and contacts. Looks like the Portland Art Center deadline has just passed (drat), but we'll see if PNCA or Reed would be good/available/interested.

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gl. said...

i had been looking forward to it, too, but after i saw an article on "transformers" in wired i knew i couldn't go watch it: it seemed like an unholy mix between a car commerical & military propaganda. and none of the robots seems very lovable (i mean, bumblebee's a -camaro-? really?!)

if you go see it, though, i'll be curious to see what you think of it. :)