Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Got the sniffles

I think my whirlwind weekend has done me in, now I have a terrible sore throat and a bad case of the sniffles.

Filed my Intent to Apply for the RACC project grant today. Looking for an exhibition space has not gone so smoothly -- PAN said they're not quite looking at 2009 yet, and in either case, they're wanting to do more exhibits that sell better. 23 Sandy is only going to do 2 book shows a year, and they'll both be juried group shows. Gay (from Reed) doesn't make the decisions about the case exhibits, but has passed my information on to the person who does. Jim hasn't gotten back to me, but I'll see him tomorrow, if I'm up and moving about.

Delivered the small violin piece back to the gallery, along with some PR stuff. I should make some good copies of the Asian Reporter piece at Kinko's sometime. The copy I made at home didn't look that great.

Went to Laura's talk tonight about marketing artist's books...some stuff I already knew, some I didn't. But mostly, I think I came away thinking, boy, I should really contact Vamp & Tramp (and other dealers) and see if they'd be interested in my books, because marketing my own books just doesn't sound like something I'd be organized enough to do.


Brea said...

speaking as someone who buys artists' books, Vamp & Tramp is great. they're super easy to work with and their selection is fantastic. i'd say, give them a try.

fingerstothebone said...

Thanks, I will!