Saturday, January 12, 2008

In lieu of work...

...we bought a Carr today. Rather unexpectedly. To me, at least.

The day started out as planned — Tom's for breakfast and then the Met Opera's simulcast of MacBeth at the movie theater, and then a late lunch. On our way to the theater, we drove past the Carr Subaru dealership and the Good Prince said, how about if we stop by to check out the cars after the opera. Ok, sure.

We've been needing to replace his Jeep for a while now. At 15, it's not all that reliable anymore, and I've never liked the bad gas mileage. (Plus it's just too big for my comfort zone, so I've only driven it once or twice, only when absolutely necessary.) A couple of days ago, it wouldn't get out of P and refused to start.

He had pretty much done the research and decided on a Subaru. Having had 4, 5 Subarus between us, that was ok with me. He had also talked to the car buyer at the credit union and decided what he was willing to pay. Well, wouldn't you know it, after an hour and half, they actually came down 3k and met his price. Since they were willing to take a personal check from me, much to my surprise, we left with the car.

So there it is.

And in case anyone should care — I'd recommend Carr's Subaru. Nice sales person, nice manager (of course he did try to get more money out of us...), not much pressure throughout the afternoon, although it did take a long while.


Michael5000 said...

Smashing! Shouldn't it be taken on some sort of auspicious inaugeral voyage?

fingerstothebone said...

M5000 — not sure that 'smashing' is really quite the word I'd use for a brand new car. Especially given that I have indeed smashed all but one of the Subaru's I've ever driven. OK, I did not smash them myself, but several other people did.

I'm really hoping that no 'smashing' will be involved with this one.

As for an inaugural trip, I think that will be in order alright.

gl. said...

congratulations, fingers family! but didn't it already have an inaugural trip?

fingerstothebone said...

gl — I think it's the Trip, with the capital Teeeee, that rhymes with Peeeeee, that stands for Pooooool.

Oh never mind, wrong musical.