Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Pillow book IV, day n+3

OK, the words for book IV were printed today. Here's the laser printer output that I used to flash the screen. All the words were crammed in there to fit the larger gocco screen (slightly larger than 6"x9"). I think the smallest gap is about 1/3".

I put down ink blocks between the words and printed 8 copies of each word. And here they are, all printed. They were printed one word at a time — I'd print a word, scrape off the ink, towel off the spot, and move on to the next.

And here's a detail of 'You.' This was not a clean copy (thus I needed to print 8, in order to get 6 good ones). When I peeled the print off the print bed, any movement between the tulle and the newsprint would cause these smudges, if I wasn't super careful. So this is one of the smudged ones. And on text, any defect is instantly detectable!

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gl. said...

wow! when i thought of doing a whole alphabet on the tiny pancakes, i realized i was going to have to do it this way and it daunted me, so i chose quotation marks instead. but it's nice to see it can be done!

that tulle would drive me crazy.