Friday, January 11, 2008

Pillow book IV, day n+8, and other oddities

Finally! Finished sewing all the little tulle pages together. Here they are, laid out (with 1 swiss cheese/die in the middle, more on that later), in the 'starting position' of the game. Except 1) the pillow case isn't made yet, that's just the piece of fabric laid out on the pillow form; 2) there will be 6 words along each side (5 on each side are shown, the extras are all piled on the left bottom corner there). Each word is 8 sheets of tulle sewn into 3 'pages'.

Here some of the pages have been turned. The words are still legible when 1 page has been turned, but becomes illegible when 2 pages have been turned.

See this entry for previous day on this book.

Although I had Sara make me 2 dice, I've decided to use only 1 for this piece. For obvious reasons, looking at the photo. Which means I have an extra die for another piece! So wheels are turning for that. I'm very happy with the way the dice turned out, and I think Sara was too. When I brought it to the critique group meeting last night, people's reactions were great — they couldn't figure out if it was a block of cheese or a die.

I have appt with Aaron (photog) next Wed, so much better pictures of all the pillows will be coming in the later part of next week.

Found a few different types of beads that I can use as spacers for book III, and also had the plexi cut for book II and III; I'll need those for display at the Tennessee show.

So, the odd bits.

Now, I always have strange dreams, usually of the down the rabbit hole variety and although things tend to be very involved, they move along pretty quickly without much time for me to think. But last night was a little different. I dreamed that I was considering buying a portable oven that's also a pet carrier, and it's all inside this suitcase, which looked suspiciously like this broken suitcase that I've been trying to figure out what to do with. In real life, I do have a broken oven AND a broken suitcase, AND a pet.

Anyhow, in this suitcase, half of it is an oven and the other half, a pet carrier. But there's only 1 door, and 1 latch. I kept on looking at it and looking at it. Whoever was trying to sell it to me kept on saying how my pet would be perfectly safe in there, all the while the oven is going, but I was dubious. I put a chocolate cake in one half, and a small dog in the other, but I couldn't bring myself to shut the suitcase, thinking why didn't they just put a door on each half, then I'd feel so much better about it.

I must've decided to not trust the oven/pet carrier — the last thing I remember was me eating the unbaked chocolate cake batter.

Somewhere along the line, a tipsy Mrs. 5000 also made an appearance, throwing yellow plastic cups all over a book arts conference!

Had another coyote sighting tonight. At this rate, I'll be able to do my own daily coyote blog. This one seemed like a young one, still had a bit of a puppy look.


Sundry said...

Interesting dream. Oven/pet carrier. What I see is that doing the best thing for the cake batter is not the same thing that would be best for the dog. Better to not let the batter become its best thing (cake) than to endanger the dog. Is this perhaps a way of mulling how to set priorities between art and relationships?

Or is this just me reading my stuff into your symbols?

mrs.5000 said...

Wow, it's been awhile since I disrupted someone's dreams with my wacky drunken revels! I'm charmed that your subconscious self (unfettered by waking reason) has such a handle on my subconscious self (unfettered by sobriety).

Both of our cats are relieved you didn't fall for the pet carrier/oven gambit. Multi-functionality just isn't always a good thing.

gl. said...

how neat to see this coming together! and that's a heck of a dream. mrs. 5000, have you disrupted other dreams with your wacky drunken revels?

fingerstothebone said...

Sundry — not sure how I would interpret it...of course, my usual would be to take it pretty literally: broken stove, broken suitcase, and my kitty, the things on my mind that I need to take care of/deal with. But your interpretation is definitely more interesting!

Mrs. 5000 & gl — I don't know that I'd say Mrs. 5000 was 'drunken,' I think 'tipsy' was a pretty good description. Just enough that she was still 'cute!'