Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Same day, much later

At 3:45pm, I really couldn't stand it any longer, I had to get out of bed. I was sore all over from not moving much in the last 4 and half days, and my head itched from not having washed my hair all the while going through phases of hot cold hot cold. I at least had to wash my hair. Which I did. Then I decided to paint for a little while.

The hand was a bit shaky, probably because my diet has been so bad for the last few days and I haven't exercised, and I was just plain tense. But since I was putting down the first layer, a layer that will get mostly obliterated as I work, I decided it didn't matter. So here's how far I got on the LO Chronicles piece today. This is basically the sketch layer upon which more layers of the painting will be built up. I'm not quite done sketching it yet:

My proposal was for a piece about my walks through Nansen Summit in LO. Initially, I just wanted it to be about the Mountain Laurels that bloom so beautifully there in the spring (which you can see developing in the foreground). But now I'm thinking that I want to show a whole year unfold on the same image. We've walked up there to see fireworks on July 4th (turns out, our balcony is a little better for that, but sill, it was quite the scene up at the summit); the nude trees (and I'm working up some fog) would be the winter. I'll have to sleep on it for the rest.

The only sounds emanating from my mouth are still cough, cough, cough and wheeze, wheeze, wheeze...

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gl. said...

so sorry to hear of your sickness! glad to see art is helping. ;) man, i -really- hope i don't get this.

do you think you'll be well enough to come to the book release party tomorrow?