Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Lake Oswego Chronicles piece, day 2

So I guess yesterday was Day 1 of the LO piece...

Feeling much better today, although not 100% normal yet. I went ahead and canceled my appts for tomorrow and punted my RSM session for yet another day until Friday. I really don't want to give my first senior a cold! This is to be my first session with the residents, and I don't want to start by making them sick. Our initial appt was for this last Monday, which I then changed and changed again.

Anyhow, spent the day working on the LO piece. I decided on doing all 4 seasons in the image. The big orb in the middle will be the July 4th fireworks.

Here's just a little later...I added the turquoise sky in the window reflection. I kind of liked having the white to the left of the dark gray blue, but the more vibrant turquoise stands up better to the flowers on the bottom. So here's the idea: the trees in the window reflection will have fall leaves (autumn, obviously), while the trees on the right will be naked and have fog curling around the trunks (winter); the flowers (mountain laurels) will be spring, and the fireworks, summer.

A little bit of catching up stuff — before I came down with this bug last week, we had an extra Random Movie. In fact, it was while we were at the theater that my throat first had that tell-tale sign of impending doom. But ancient history I guess. The movie was 27 Dresses. OK, it was a pretty dumb movie, but I liked it anyhow. I like movies where boy and girl fall in love unexpectedly, what can I say. And James Marsden is a real cutie; he was wonderful as the vacuous Prince Charming in Enchanted, too.

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gl. said...

we missed you last night, but you weren't the only one to cancel because of the EVIL sickness. i hope you're up for your senior today. nice to see the progress on the art!